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Starting from a place of excellence...

In the vibrant field of real-time technologies and virtual production, continuous learning is crucial to stay ahead. Motivated and eager, we begin our educational journey with high expectations, knowing the right training can significantly advance our careers. Yet, the demands of busy professional life often sidetrack us. A missed session turns into a week, then a month, and before we know it, the course remains incomplete. We tell ourselves, "Maybe next time," as another opportunity slips away.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Enter our Final Pixel Membership — a ground-breaking membership approach to online learning designed specifically for busy professionals. By blending our innovative course content with a strong community support system, we offer a unique educational experience. Not only will it enhance your skills in virtual production but also foster growth within your professional network. Stay on track and reach your career goals with a community that keeps you accountable. learn a new skill, to gain a competitive advantage, and to accomplish a goal.

I feel empowered and ready to work and have great impressions of the possibilities of virtual production!

~ E. Olivia

Final Pixel Academy Student

Access VP courses

Gain access to Final Pixel Academy's highly-praised course catalogue, along with new curriculum, and masterclasses built by our virtual production experts.

Master VP skills

With online-based learning, you will learn faster with access to our experts, mentors and peers. All our courses, live events, on-set training and masterclasses are specifically designed to deliver professional skills to accelerate your learning.

Grow your network

Gain access to our expansive network of industry experts, visionaries, and innovators from around the world. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that transcend borders. With your membership, a professional network becomes a powerful catalyst for impact, driving growth and setting new benchmarks in the virtual production landscape.

Find Jobs

As a member, you will discover exclusive job listings, insider referrals, and collaborations that are not available elsewhere. Our members frequently discover their next career breakthroughs through the rich connections and professional relationships they build within our community.

Our Final Pixel Membership gives you the resources, skills, and the motivation you need to excel in real-time technologies and virtual production

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

T.S. Elliot

Our Final Pixel Membership is...

A community for professional crew, emerging talent of the future, corporate clients working in real-time technologies and virtual production within media production, educational organisations, and industry stakeholders.

Cutting-edge education

FP+ members get an all access pass to FPA's entire library of online courses, as well as monthly challenges and industry-led masterclasses.

Immersive training

FP Members and FP+ get access to monthly Office Hours, workshops, expert-led events and exciting live training opportunities.

Professional networking

We're the best community for those who seek to work and thrive using virtual production because we have the best people.

Career Opportunities

FP+ members gain access to a wide, global range of experts, organisations and stakeholders who are seeking those highly trained by FP experts.

Production Coordinator

Amir Jamal

Amir comes to Final Pixel with a wealth of experience that allows him to be agile in his approaches working across Final Pixel's end-to-end production, Worldbuilders VAD team, and Final Pixel Academy roles that allow him to utlise his many skillsets.

Production Assistant

Caroline Katzive

Caroline Katzive is a production assistant who has been with Final Pixel since November. She is originally from Washington, DC.

VP Stage Technician

Tai Ball

Tai Ball having recently graduated from university, comes to Final Pixel with a lot of job-ready skills, enthusiasm, and a deep desire to learn about virtual production and all the opportunities it affords.

Junior Environment Artist

Ana Sabolic

Ana Sabolic, is a Junior Environment Artist in Virtual Production working across Final Pixel and Worldbuilders brands.


Amir comes to Final Pixel with a wealth of experience that allows him to be agile in his approaches working across Final Pixel's end-to-end production, Worldbuilders VAD team, and Final Pixel Academy roles that allow him to utlise his many skillsets.

Production Coordinator

Amir Jamal

Join us and revolutionise filmmaking

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A safe, inclusive place to learn, explore and grow

The Final Pixel Membership is an inclusive, human ecosystem that believes in inspiring people to be the best they can be. By providing a space where like-minded people can return again and again to make new discoveries, upskill their knowledge, expand career growth and opportunities, collaborate with new friends and peers, grow their professional network and elevate their potential.

Your many opportunities are waiting for you!


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