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Virtual production and innovative technologies will reshape the approach to filmmaking for years to come and completely transform working practices. 

Final Pixel will always be at the forefront of this. 

Our ethos and mission is firmly grounded in the benefits that new technologies will bring to sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity and social mobility.  Virtual Production can de-risk the process and make it production a better place to be and work.  This is a fundamental foundation of our purpose and is reflected in our values and team spirit.
Final Pixel is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion in all of its productions, we have set targets for inclusive recruitment that reflect the values across all characteristics protected by the Qualities Act 2010, and sets additional targets for reaching a broad range of crew and learners including those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
We employ and recruit 10-12% of those learners, crew and artists with a disability (including those who are D/deaf or neurodiverse) and 20% of learners, crew and artists who are ethnically diverse from black, mixed heritage or other ethnic minority backgrounds and and 10% who are LGBTQ+.
We always aims to balance our gender split across all teams and see first-hand the importance of providing a nurturing platform and support to underrecognised groups to reach individuals’ potential. Final Pixel acknowledge that diversity enables us to innovate successfully, propel our performance possibilities and further our commercial affluence by harnessing the talents from underrepresented groups.


Our mission is to revolutionise filmmaking through Virtual Production

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