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Dancing With The Stars: Season open






End-to-end full service: Production, VP Stage pop-up, OSVP, Virtual Art Department, VFX


Los Angeles

The team at Dancing with the Stars came to us to recreate the Dancing with the Stars ballroom while also working within a genie's palace setting in the height of Covid-19. This allowed us to shoot in both spaces in one day, during a moment when the ballroom was not available. The LED technology allowed us to jump back and forth seamlessly between settings and create final pixel on that day, without having to go on site to the ballroom.

Michael McKenna 

Director of VP 

Hanah Draper

Global Head of Production

Yael Roth



Amir Jamal

Production Coordinator

Caroline Katzive

Production Assistant 

Rosie Ginger

Executive Assistant 

Andras Ronai

Lead Environment Artist

Louise Coomber

Environment Artist

Tai Ball

Environment Artist

Bethany Haggy

Environment Artist


Adrian Weber

VP Supervisor

Chris Bouchard

VP Supervisor

Judah Kynard

VFX Specialist

Nightsky Studios

LED Technicians

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