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Introduction to Unreal Engine for Virtual Production

This course will enable you to understand how Unreal Engine provides the backbone of the on-set technical requirements of a Virtual Production set.

Available with our bespoke trainer or consultancy add-on.



What is Virtual Production?

This course delivers the fundamentals required for anyone considering a career in Virtual Production.  It also provides an invaluable starter for companies and producers looking to seriously move into filming with Virtual Production with LED walls and game engine technology. 

What you get:

Online training for the experts

Virtual Production magic

Access to the community

You'll receive exclusive access to the Final Pixel Academy training platform, where you can work your way through learning at your own pace.

Our courses are completely bespoke, unavailable anywhere else.

You will be invited to join the Final Pixel VP Insider Membership, as well as gain access to our dedicated private Final Pixel Academy Discord server where you can reach out to your instructor and fellow students..

Remote Cloud Access*

If you're not quite ready to invest in a workstation that can run a powerful games engine like Unreal, but still eager to learn, we have a cloud-based solution where you can access a remote workstation for a small fee, thus allowing you to learn Unreal Engine while using your current technology. Enquire within.

The course was ace - I feel supported and excited to keep pushing into Virtual Production - Thank you!

~ Final Pixel Academy student

Course Content

Module 1:

Getting Started with Unreal Engine

Module 2:

Epic Launcher

Module 3:

  • New Project

  • Editor Basics

  • Navigating the Editor

  • Creating Levels

  • Working with Geometric Shapes

Module 4:

  • Importing Custom Assets

  • The Unreal Marketplace

  • Migrating Assets

  • Quixel​​

Module 5: 

  • Materials Overview

  • Creating Materials

  • Materials with Textures

  • Material Instances

Module 6: 

  • Importing Assets

  • Terrain

  • Landscape Material Basics

  • Landscape Material Improvements

  • Water Plugin

  • Level Building

  • Landscape Paint

  • Foliage

  • Level Polish

  • Lighting & Atmosphere

  • Migrating Assets

Module 7:

  • Working with Audio

  • Niagra Particles

  • Blueprint Lantern Creation

  • Blueprint Door Creation

  • Blueprint Lanter Functionality

  • Blueprint Door Functionality

  • Intro to Sequencer

  • Sequencer Events

  • Project Finalisation

Download the course catalogue for full details

OSVP Digital Badge

Recommended Duration



Final Pixel Academy 

Masterclass Certificate

Start date

Computer requirements

Delivery & Support


2 Weeks

3 - 4 hours per week



Online classes with support

Able to run Unreal Engine 5.3

Rolling - at own leisure

Welcome to the future of filmmaking

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