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VP for DoPs Level 1

This course introduces cinematographers to Unreal Engine, highlighting its use for previsualization, virtual production, and creative exploration, aiming to equip them with the skills to apply their cinematographic knowledge within the engine for enhanced creative and communicative capabilities. 

Available with our bespoke trainer or consultancy add-on.



What Can Virtual Production Bring to the Table for Cinematographers?

Virtual production is revolutionizing the field of cinematography by integrating digital technology with traditional filmmaking techniques to create immersive environments and more dynamic visual storytelling. There are several advantages such as real-time visual effects, enhanced collaboration, flexibility in location shooting, greater control over lighting and atmosphere, cost efficiencies, possibility of complex shots, safety and accessibility.

What you get:

Online training from the experts

Virtual Production magic

Access to the community

You'll receive exclusive access to the Final Pixel Academy training platform, where you can work your way through learning at your own pace.

Our courses are completely bespoke, unavailable anywhere else.

You will be given exclusive access to the Final Pixel Academy community of Virtual Production enthusiasts, including our dedicated prvate Final Pixel Academy Discord server.

"I'm particularly interested in virtual production as another tool for cinematography. I'd like to open up more creative possibilities."

Julie Bills, Cinematographer, Scotland

Course Content

Module 1:
Getting setup to start lighting and shooting in Unreal Engine

Module 2:
Lighting in depth

Module 3:
Building and Blocking

Module 4:
The Virtual Camera

Module 5:
Building the Final Scene (part 1)

Module 6:
Building the Final Scene (part 2)

Download the course catalogue for full details

Digital Badge

Recommended Duration



Final Pixel Academy 


Start date

Computer requirements

Delivery & Support


6 Weeks

2 - 3 hours per week



Online classes with support

Able to run Unreal Engine 5.3 (mac or pc)

Rolling - at own leisure

Welcome to the future of filmmaking

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