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Virtual Art Department (VAD) Level 1

Understanding and artistic skills of worldbuilding tools in Unreal Engine giving you the fundamentals required for anyone considering a career in Virtual Production delivered by the experts in the field actually doing it - Final Pixel.

Available with our bespoke trainer or consultancy add-on.



What is the Virtual Art Department?

A Virtual Art Department or VAD consists of a team of 3D artists who support the greater virtual production team through the creation of real-time assets. This course delivers an understanding and artistic skills of worldbuilding tools in Unreal Engine giving you the fundamentals required for anyone considering a career in Virtual Production. It also provides an invaluable starter for companies and producers looking to seriously move into filming with Virtual Production with LED walls and game engine technology. 

What you get:

Online training for the experts

Virtual Production magic

Access to the community

You'll receive exclusive access to the Final Pixel Academy training platform, where you can work your way through learning at your own pace.

Our courses are completely bespoke, unavailable anywhere else.

You will be given exclusive access to the Final Pixel Academy community of Virtual Production enthusiasts, including our dedicated prvate Final Pixel Academy Discord server.

Remote Workstation Access*

If you're not quite ready to invest in a workstation that can run a powerful games engine like Unreal, but still eager to learn, we have a cloud-based solution where you can access a remote workstation for a small fee, thus allowing you to learn Unreal Engine while using your current technology. Enquire within.

"It was mind-blowing to discover the power of Unreal for creating real-time 3D animations! The course was not just for vfx. As a graphic designer whose workflow is mostly in 2D, the Artists Guide to Unreal was a great opportunity to expand my creative practice."


Sydney Saneun Hwang (GFX Diarra from Detroit, SNL, TDMC)

Course Content

Module 1:


  • Let's Get Started

  • Installing Unreal Engine, Block a Scene, Add Detail & Render

  • Finding Inspiration / Meditation


Module 2:


  • Starting a Project (Blocking & Previs)

  • Adding the Golden Ratio to Your Camera

  • Blocking out a Floorplan

  • Setting Up your Camera and View Bookends

  • Sculpting a Landscape


Module 3:


  • Building a Detailed Scene

  • Introduction to Quixel Bridge, Adding Distant Mountains

  • Adding a River

  • Quixel Megascan collections in Epic Marketplace

  • Adding More Detail


Module 4:


  • Importing from Other DCC Software

  • Importing from Sketchup

  • Importing from Rhino

  • Importing from all other DCCs


Module 5:


  • Set Dressing, Materials & Lighting

  • Interior Set Dressing

  • Optional Extra Lesson - Modelling a Window Frame

  • Materials

  • Adding a MetaHuman Character

  • Adding Foliage

  • Environmental, Exterior and Interior Lighting


Module 6:


  • Animation & Rendering

  • Rendering

  • Refining a Scene for Higher Quality Rendering

  • Cinematic Animation

  • Highest Quality Rendering with the Pathtracer

Download the course catalogue for full details

Digital Badge

Recommended Duration



Final Pixel Academy 


Start date

Computer requirements

Delivery & Support


6 Weeks

2 - 3 hours per week



Online classes with support

Able to run Unreal Engine 5.3 (mac or pc)

Rolling - at own leisure

Welcome to the future of filmmaking

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