The brief

Shutterstock needed a method to tell the story of how their unparalleled array of media assets could be used to create any world, limited only by the imagination of creatives.  For this they turned to Final Pixel for an innovative application of the technology to design, build content and run the on-set virtual production at the 80-Six ‘Virtual Production Studios’ in Slough, UK.  It was produced in conjunction with RSA Films and directed by Juriaan Booij.


Virtual Production
Virtual Art Department

In a world first, the build involved creating real time environments in Unreal Engine, a 3D real-time creation tool, which were entirely constructed with Shutterstock assets - everything from videos of dancers, to 3D robots, to 2D stills of perfume adverts.  Final Pixel even recreated Times Square.

The innovative technology also allowed for a final shot which captured the story the brand was trying to tell about its studios, its crew and its assets.  Each item on the LED wall was ‘switched off’ one by one through a live trigger on stage through Disguise, built as a blueprint in Unreal.  This highlighted both the range of individual content and revealed a blank canvas for creatives to build from underneath. 

Post production was also completed by Final Pixel, though due to the nature of the technology used, most of the ‘post’ was actually done before stepping into the edit live during the shoot. 

What we did