Final Pixel Appoints Jim Rider as Virtual Production Supervisor

October 15, 2021

Final Pixel, the global creative studio specializing in end-to-end virtual production for film, TV and advertising, has appointed Jim Rider as Virtual Production Supervisor. Rider will be responsible for the management of virtual productions in the UK and US, involving design, planning and delivery. 

Rider is a visual effects supervisor with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After starting his career in New York in commercial production, Rider moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s, where he specialized in motion control camera work and models/miniatures, shooting fun things like spaceships for Star Trek and submarines for Titanic. As the industry moved toward more digital visual effects, Rider transitioned to Flame and Nuke compositing, working as an artist, and then VFX supervisor at facilities such as Method, Gravity and The Mill. As an independent VisualEffects Supervisor, some of Rider’s recent clients include HBO and AppleStudios.

More recently Rider has embraced the world of Virtual Production and all things Unreal Engine. In 2020, he was a Fellow in the Unreal Fellowship inVirtual Production and then returned to the Fellowship as Technical Artist for the Winter 2021 session.

Jim Rider, Virtual Production Supervisor at Final Pixel, said: “Shooting things that look cool on set, live, and in-camera has always been the most fun thing for me. I am thrilled to be working with Final Pixel as it allows me to work in this new and exciting world that is the perfect fusion of my visual effects background with my practical on-set experience.”

Michael McKenna, CEO of Final Pixel, said: “Jim is a proven leader and experienced on-set supervisor, who also shares the same passion we all do at Final Pixel for Virtual Production and creating magic.  We are incredibly excited to have him join our team.”