Michael McKenna
CEO And Director of Virtual Production

With over 15 years industry experience including BBC and EndemolShine, Michael has successfully grown companies producing content for Netflix, Discovery, Channel 4 and many more.  He is a leader, an innovator and a disruptor, operating at a unique intersection in creativity and business to produce world class content.

Monica Hinden
Executive Producer

With 20 years of experience as an Executive Producer, Monica has brought countless high-end concepts from the printed page to the screen. Monica is an expert problem solver and no stranger to logistical nightmares. From Monica’s point of view, nothing is a problem - relax, let her handle it.

Christopher McKenna

Chris has 20 years of experience as an advertising creative director and as a director of commercials, promos and branded entertainment for household-name shows and commercial brands. When not Directing for Final Pixel, Chris also runs a successful LA based creative agency - Wee Beastie.

Suzel Tuesta Flores
Finance Director

When it comes to the numbers, Suzel has got it covered. She has extensive experience managing the finances for successful production companies, bringing in process. improvements to grow profits and driving businesses forward to meet their goals.

Monesha Madison Lever
Virtual Production Producer

With over 15 years of experience producing for TV networks and production companies, Monesha brings her signature calm and collected approach to every production challenge.  She turns client’s dreams into reality by building relationships that are rooted in trust and collaboration.

Jim Rider
Virtual Production Supervisor

Jim Rider is a visual effects supervisor with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After starting his career in NewYork in commercial production, Jim moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s, where he specialized in motion control camera work and models/miniatures, shooting fun things like spaceships for Star Trek and submarines for Titanic. As the industry moved toward more digital visual effects, Jim transitioned to Flame and Nuke compositing, working as an artist, and then VFX supervisor at facilities such as Method, Gravity and The Mill. As an independent Visual Effects Supervisor, some of Jim’s recent clients include HBO and Apple Studios.

More recently Jim has embraced the world of Virtual Production and all things Unreal Engine. In 2020, he was a Fellow in the Unreal Fellowship in Virtual Production and then returned to the Fellowship as Technical Artist for the Winter 2021 session.

Steven Hubbard
Visual Effects Supervisor

Steven brings a pedigree forged over 25 years in Film, Television and Commercials. His high profile credits are too numerous to list, including Life of Pi, Transformers, X-Men and Black Sails. With an Oscar and multiple Emmy's under his belt, Steven is an accomplished VP professional.

Andras Ronai
Senior Technical Artist

I help creative people with unleashing and bringing their visions into life so they can make this world a bit better place by creating something great. I do it by designing and making realistic looking 3d environments for archviz scenes and virtual production projects in the film and television industry.

Francesca de Bassa
Director/ Animator

Francesca de Bassa is a film director, animator and designer who works across animation, montage, live action and mixed media work. She studied art, literature and animation, and since graduating has been nominated for, and won, several awards for her short films. She is interested in experimenting with new technologies and finding new ways to explore their potentialities aimed at storytelling.

Andreas Neo

Andreas is a freelance Cinematographer represented by Independent Talent Group and holds a large and diverse portfolio.  Andreas, an award winning cinematographer, is a real master of lighting who is not afraid to push boundaries both creatively and technologically, a true talent to his craft.

Clare Plaisted
Communications Manager

With decades of experience working in marketing and PR for global media brands ranging from the BBC, Comcast andRed Bee Media to helping innovative technology start-ups disrupt the crowded media and entertainment world, Clare specializes in international media relations and content creation. There's very little Clare doesn't know about media and even fewer people.

Ellie Clement
Virtual Production Supervisor

Ellie graduated from Stafford University in 2010 in Film Production Technology. In the intervening years she has amassed loads of experience working in both production and technical roles across theatre, television and events on some of the UK’s most prestigious shows including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics; London 2012,Robbie Williams ‘Live at the Crown’, One Direction ‘On The Road Again’ and both Roger Waters more recent tours ‘The Wall’ and ‘Us & Them’.

Ellie is a capable, calm lady who can deal with anything from complex logistics to technology tantrums having worked with us on various Corporate and Rock and Roll projects programming and managing complex shows specialising in 3D real time rendering, tracking and alignment for projection mapping and LED volumes.


Hanah Draper
Virtual Production Producer

Hanah Draper is a London based Producer working primarily in Commercials, Music Promo and Short Films.

Hanah is a creative producer who doesn’t bolt at a hard script.With a BA Honors in Performance Art, she crafted her way into the industry with an inventive eye and a refreshing perspective.

Hanah has had the pleasure of working on a broad range of worldwide projects alongside award winning directors and production companies.She has cultivated a razor sharp knack for finding likeminded collaborators to achieve stunning visual results across her whole portfolio.

Hanah is calm but excitable, organised whilst passionate and loves to find the beauty in the script. She is highly versed working a diverse spectrum of budgets, always bringing a unique creative and logistical acumen to each project.


Dominic Maher
Junior Technical Artist

A software developer and technical consultant for over 15 years, Dominic has found a perfect fit within the world of Virtual Production which combines his loves for tech and storytelling narrative

Ed Bennett
Senior Technical Artist

Edward Bennett is a Senior Technical Artist specialising in Unreal Engine and virtual production. He is also an unreal authorised trainer working for Epic Games.

James Codling
Junior Technical Artist

James is a graduate of the University of Westminster’s Contemporary Media Practice Program. He got his start in green screen tech, and has fully embraced the new and exciting world of virtual production. Whether it’s LED walls, camera tracking, unreal engine or content mapping software.

Katherine Dumais
Project Manager

With a background in Production Supervision in Theatre, both on and off-Broadway, Katherine is excited to be using her project management skills within the emerging field of Virtual Production with the innovative Final Pixel team. She is interested in helping teams coordinate across specialties to gain the best possible final creative product.

Jessica McCrory
VFX Coordinator

Jessica is a east coast transplant, originally from sunny Los Angeles. With experience in post production visual effects and project management, she is the newest member of the  Final Pixel crew. Her role as VFX Coordinator allows to keep projects flowing towards the finish line.

Content Factory

Welcome to Content Factory, a brand new virtual production solution that we think will transform the future of content creation for creative, branding and advertising agencies worldwide.

Content Factory combines virtual production expertise, techniques and technologies into an accessible, comprehensive and highly approachable package of services designed to enable anyone to embrace and easily integrate virtual production into their content, branding and advertising strategies.

We take care of everything so you don't need to worry.  Content Factory provides you the perfect first step into Virtual Production. All you need is your creative imagination. We take care of the rest!

What's included:

  • Up to 1 x 30” / 4 x 15” (delivery in square / 16:9 / 9:16. cut downs on request)
  • x1 Prelight + x1 day Shoot
  • Choose from a library of Final Pixel Worldbuilders virtual backgrounds or create your own
  • Lighting, camera, glam crew all included (sound on request)
  • Basic foreground & air quality
  • Minimal camera movement (tracked camera & grip on request)
  • Includes basic edit, grade, sound mix
  • Delivered to high Final Pixel and partner standards

Our aim is to democratise Virtual Production, and Content Factory represents a giant leap towards our goal.

The Content Factory is being rolled out across multiple territories and is currently available in London, UK at Cube Studio.

More locations coming soon.

Contact us for pricing and more details at contentfactory@finalpixel.com